The Course

The Exeter Golf Club is a public golf course, open to the public seven days a week, from mid-April to mid-November each year, weather permitting. Private memberships are available. Guests can enjoy a full practice range. Golf carts and club rentals are available.

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1st Hole - Par 5

From the first tee the fairway lies ahead and though its great expanse of manicured grass beckons invitingly the green remains yet unseen.

At about 200 yards the hole doglegs sharply to the right to reveal the green nestled at the bottom of a slight valley.

Beware! The temptation to take a short-cut over the dogleg can easily get one into trouble.

2nd Hole - Par 4

The 2nd hole is particularly intriguing, a 386 yard, par four, uphill dogleg right.

The creek crosses the fairway just 80 yards from the tee and a sand trap awaits errant shots at the corner of the dogleg, about 220 yards out.

High trees discourage cutting the corner.

3rd Hole - Par 3

This straight par three provides a brief respite yet is not entirely free of obstacles.

The green sits nestled between a large pond, a grass bunker on the left and 2 bunkers on the right.

4th Hole - Par 4

A well placed tee shot can make this an easy hole.

Play it safe by keeping short of the creek or trust your yardage and be aggressive to play it over the creek.

5th Hole - Par 4

Once again the creek intersects the fairway and creates a challenging hazard.

The tee shot should be straight, long and short of the creek.

The second shot is slightly uphill to the green.

6th Hole - Par 3

The 6th hole is an uphill par 3 framed by grass bunkers and 2 sand bunkers and out-of-bounds behind the green.

A word of caution, add some extra yardage for the elevation change, the approach is deceptively steep.

7th Hole - Par 4

The most challenging hole, as well as the most scenic, is the 7th.

Off the tee you need a 170 yard shot to clear the creek on this 378 yard par four.

The entire tree-lined hole plays uphill with an out-of-bounds running the length of the right side.

8th Hole - Par 4

Shots favouring the left side are rewarded with a clear shot to the green on this par four.

9th Hole - Par 5

The clubhouse beckons but first the second and final par five must be mastered.

Two long, straight shots down the centre of the fairway should put you within easy rangeof the green.

Course Aerial View 2008

The Practice Range

Do you enjoy working on your game in peace and quiet? How about wide open spaces surrounded by nature?

May we suggest the Exeter Golf Club practice facility.  We have a 15 acre driving range at the ready for your enjoyment.  The tee is all grass and with over an acre of turf, there's always a fresh patch.  The target green at 100 yards lets you check your wedge game, but there is enough space for your 300+ yard drives.  Next to the driving range is practice green which gives you a chance to improve your chipping or bunker play.  If the really short shots are what you're after, a 3000 sq. foot putting green is also an option.

To use the driving range, just stop in upstairs at the clubhouse to purchase tokens.  The dispensing machine is beside the range, ready to serve up a bucket of balls at your convenience.